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RE: Hive UK Northern Meet Up - 19th September 2020. Plans and Progress from Witness @c0ff33a ☕️

in TeamUK2 years ago

Yup it is starting to feel like it is round the corner now.

I'm not gonna state once again how excited I am for my first ever meetup as I am sure it is becoming boring now lol ((BUT I BLOODY AM!!!))

I hope I can find enough ideas and topics to add to the discussion, this has bothered me for a while lol. My understanding of the token, the economy and potential is brittle at best but I am learning at a rate like never before.

Itinerary in a nutshell... as I see it...

  • Good coffee.
  • Good company.
  • Good ideas.
  • rain, rain, bloody rain... ((C'mon, it's a Brits meetup AND in the North!!!))

Did I mention that I'm excited???

Cannot wait to meet you all, although from my typotastic wordfests here I may be quieter and a little more reserved than you all expect lol :)


You had better be taking me to this FATHER!

Oh it's on your birthday! Does this mean we don't have to get you presents this year :')

If I can get the day off work you bet I'll be there!