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Everything we see in the hive ecosystem and other blockchains is a piece of clear evidence that people's intellectual work is being eroded by the internet And technology. People's capacity to solve basic issues and make judgments is fast dwindling in significance. For regulating operations, making choices, and solving problems repeatedly, computers armed with deep learning are significantly more powerful, far more dependable, and far less expensive. Finance, administration, monitoring, transportation, planning, reporting, and other routine everyday chores will be delegated to machines. Computers will soon do everything.

When you put technological growth into context, you can see where it will eventually realize what natural things are, just like plants. They usually look for themselves. These produce crops without expecting anything in return from people, yet they replenish themselves when they fall or get old. That's how technology ought essentially to be, and what it will eventually achieve if it keeps on its present course.


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Computers are continually supplying products and services to people without expecting anything in return. Apart from the natural world and its resources, they actually require, however not from people. They will need the ground, nutrients, air, and sunlight to function. obviously, that is in the far future.

In order to achieve the status of Creators, Computers do not develop or set up programs. This might be the future move, however for the Tech Revolution that is presently underway, that isn't on the schedule. There will be plenty of opportunities for individuals to develop things utilizing various computing technologies.

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If these isn't right, humans can still go backward. Humans can simply halt machine development, destroy screens, and damage keyboards. We may return to a marker pen process, and eventually to human labor. This won't be much longer until we're back in the dungeons. This is something we will constantly consider.


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