Future influence of the blockchain on humanity.

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There are various titles for experts who are adept at observing events and determining their influence. Many are referred to be forward-thinking scholars, idealists, visionaries, and so on. Yet an issue they excel at is analyzing something and determining its consequences for future years.

We've progressed a long way from where we stood only a century earlier. Only after the elimination of slavery, did human capital and creativity have exploded. Such expansion was driven by mediators. Financial mediators exist in all types of financial systems. On something like an individual basis, information or data generation has increased. Therefore, what does it imply if anyone states that cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the planet and affect us all?


To be realistic, this is difficult to comprehend. That most of us can either see or intellectually envision the blockchain's implications in our everyday lives. Humans may not be capable of fully comprehending what has been provided to us, just the same as some mathematical formulas l did in the past. Yet another thing is certain: humans have now reached a condition known as the "internet of value" in which we will be capable of quickly transporting value as well as information.

While we still have such a long road ahead, I believe our concept of capital, money creation, and distribution of wealth is set to alter. However, this is just one aspect of the blockchain's potential. Is it going able to alleviate problems like starvation and poverty, increase agricultural yields, and slow virus outbreaks? Can it help us survive healthier or educate everyone? Will it reduce or eradicate poverty and bring evil people held to account? These are some of the difficult challenges that I cannot discuss right now but that we will face as blockchain advocates.


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