Hive UK Northern Meet Up - 19th September 2020. Plans and Progress from Witness @c0ff33a ☕️

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Without a doubt bringing people together builds solidarity, and the UK members of Hive Blockchain have always been working hard over the years to run their own meet ups - bringing together active community members for discussion about the Blockchain and how to support it.

UK based Hive Blockchain have been very active over the years on staging high profile events in London and Leicester, especially @shanibeer has spent a great deal of time and money arranging meeting space and booking people over the past few years. I booked and paid to visit last years event but in the end missed it due to family issues, and I booked and paid for this years event in April - but of course Coronavirus put that on the back burner.

Hive UK Northern Meet Up organised by Witness @c0ff33a

Despite the challenges Coronavirus brings, I was sad to see the hard work @shanibeer had put in yet again being put back another year. And I am really keen to bring as many of our growing UK Hivers together as I can. Having set up the TeamUK Community to give us all an opportunity to find each other easily, and the #teamuk curated tag which is voted on by an account supported with delegation with many of our most amazing UK Hive Blockchain accounts. Getting as many of our UK active members together seemed like the next logical step.

19th September 2020, Halifax UK - open hours from 9am till late as suits

Despite the continued up's and down's of Coronavirus in the UK - with regional lock down's spreading faster then the Virus itself - I'm confident we will have no issues with our little Hive Blockchain Soiree. As I am providing the warehouse for the day it will not suddenly become unavailable, and with ample space social distancing of 3 metres plus will be quite simple. Add in face masks and plenty of antibacterial gel and we can all #staysafe and still enjoy the day. Local accommodation and public transport I can not control - hopefully it will all work out fine.

Who will be coming?


Have all confirmed, providing Coronavirus allows. I have been a little busy lately so if I missed anyone let out me know in the comments.


What are your plans for the day?

My own main aim is to get together and discuss how we can promote Hive Blockchain, onboard new users and generally improve the value of Hive as cryptocurrency so all our investments grow. I am also going to roast a big batch of coffee we will bag up and brand as Hive coffee for all attendees to take home. Plus we will have loads of fun, good food and drink, and see some of the History of Halifax town centre with ample photo opportunities for future posts.

In the wise words of Greta Thunberg it's "Right Here, Right Now"

"The world is waking up, and change is coming whether you like it or not."

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Yup it is starting to feel like it is round the corner now.

I'm not gonna state once again how excited I am for my first ever meetup as I am sure it is becoming boring now lol ((BUT I BLOODY AM!!!))

I hope I can find enough ideas and topics to add to the discussion, this has bothered me for a while lol. My understanding of the token, the economy and potential is brittle at best but I am learning at a rate like never before.

Itinerary in a nutshell... as I see it...

  • Good coffee.
  • Good company.
  • Good ideas.
  • rain, rain, bloody rain... ((C'mon, it's a Brits meetup AND in the North!!!))

Did I mention that I'm excited???

Cannot wait to meet you all, although from my typotastic wordfests here I may be quieter and a little more reserved than you all expect lol :)

You had better be taking me to this FATHER!

Oh it's on your birthday! Does this mean we don't have to get you presents this year :')

If I can get the day off work you bet I'll be there!

It's an exciting time for Hive: having finally resolved Steemit Inc's stake and moved house, we now have lots of lovely developments like OCD empowering niche communities, and peakd making it easy to get here.

Looking forward to the day!

Yes exactly, things feel like they are happening at a rate we could only have dreamed of in our 'other home' The stake and more to the point where it sits and where it came from gives a far bigger incentive to our Dev's to do what they do best. As long as the rest of do our part with regards to community, content and engagement...

I think the future is incredibly bright for Hive :)

I agree :)


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I am trying to get my co-UX partner, @dizzydiscovery to come. He lives in Shaw, so I can pick him up on the way as his car is knackered. He needs a little pushing but has done 2 posts so far that have both breached $10. I would say he's doing OK!

Oh that would be awesome! I reckon we can all have a go at nudging a couple more users along lol.I think once we reach the cusp of September and it feels less 'in the future' one or two others may go along to something cool that they feel is more imminent.

I'm certain the day will be great :)

I'm up for coming along.

19th September 2020, Halifax UK - open hours from 9am till late as suits

Not long to go

Nope but it still feels too long really, really looking forward to this! haha.

Cannot wait :)

I can't wait too

I been on vacation and just happened to see this. Very cool of you putting it together!

Vacation - it's but a dream for me. I've had 6 days so far this year I have not been in work - the odd Saturday or Sunday. Stupid killer flu.

@c0ff33a I can confirm I am defiantly coming, my wife is as well :C but I'll just tell everyone I am her social worker :D
We will be coming up the night before, we are looking at a travel lodge or a holiday inn or something for the night, what ever really as long as it has a bed.
Is there parking at the event? I ask as I will be driving. :D
so excited, it has been a little while since my last meet up so I am due to go to another one :D

and we are going to be staying at the wool merchant hotel, my misses has booked it, I hope it is haunted lol

Awesome, the more the merrier. I've heard of that hotel, if you get in after 6pm they make you knit scarves all night - Proper Dr Who big un's too!

I think I have changed my mind haha


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Oh this looks absolutely fab!

I hope I can get the time off work to come along.

Brand new to all this, it's mind boggling, although you people are luckier than you think.. you only have to read my father's comments - I have to listen to them NON stop! 24/7...365/1. It felt easier to give in and join Hive than to keep hearing about it.

Hope I get to meet you all!

So sorry, I've been a bit distracted lately totally missed this. Now you've got me wondering who your father is..although it's pretty easy to guess from your follow list lol. Post something else so I can upvote it!