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RE: Hive UK Northern Meet Up - 19th September 2020. Plans and Progress from Witness @c0ff33a ☕️

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@c0ff33a I can confirm I am defiantly coming, my wife is as well :C but I'll just tell everyone I am her social worker :D
We will be coming up the night before, we are looking at a travel lodge or a holiday inn or something for the night, what ever really as long as it has a bed.
Is there parking at the event? I ask as I will be driving. :D
so excited, it has been a little while since my last meet up so I am due to go to another one :D


and we are going to be staying at the wool merchant hotel, my misses has booked it, I hope it is haunted lol

Awesome, the more the merrier. I've heard of that hotel, if you get in after 6pm they make you knit scarves all night - Proper Dr Who big un's too!

I think I have changed my mind haha