Fungi Friday : Small Yellow Mushroom and Brown Mushroom

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This is one of my contributions to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw hopefully I can always give my best from the previous day.


Hello everyone, Good afternoon to all hive users and especially to all members who are active in the #fungifriday community may we all always be given health and success

Today I will try to participate again as I usually do every Friday, which is to share some types of mushrooms that I found today and a few days ago

On Friday this time there was a topic that was proposed, namely yellow mushrooms although this is not mandatory but I will try to join in, these few days every afternoon heavy rains always pour down my area, and this is good news for me because I can easily find mushrooms that grows in damp places and on some withered leaves like the one I found today

This morning I was trying to find mushrooms in the Cocoa garden behind my house, and not long after I looked for them I saw a beautiful small yellow mushroom growing on the Kako leaves which had withered and were damp due to exposure to rain.

As usual after I took some photos I tried to find the name of this mushroom using a Goggle lens and it turned out that this mushroom was a mushroom of the type Marasmius siccus This type of mushroom is one of the mushrooms that wilts very easily, has a small black stem and a small yellow umbrella, usually grows a lot on wilted leaves and in the morning because several times I found this mushroom in the afternoon the shape has withered, here are some photos














Then a few days ago I also found some brown mushrooms growing on the trunk of a dead coconut tree, then as usual I tried to find out the type of mushroom using a google lens, it turned out that this type of fungus appeared.
Armillaria tabescens This mushroom is shaped like an umbrella and when it is big the umbrella will open, and brownish brown with spots, this type of mushroom is a fungus that lasts a little longer because it has a rather hard protective skin like the following photo









Those are the two types of mushrooms that I can share on this occasion, I apologize if there are errors both from naming and writing that are not right, see you in my next post

CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia

No conocía esto, me gustan las fotos, están muy bien realizadas. Gracias por compartir.


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Wow, these mushrooms looks really beautiful, you are sure good at photography 🤭🤭.

thank you I'm just learning to take pictures of small mushrooms because the level of difficulty is so high

Really, that means you are getting really good at it. Keep it up.

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Oh mine 🤗 this a top-notch image's of fungi, your shoot are pure masterpiece.

Thank you very much my friend, I will continue to learn how to take more beautiful pictures