Fungi Friday : Five Types of Mushrooms For Today

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This is one of my contributions to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw hopefully I can always give my best from the previous day.


Good afternoon all friends, best wishes to all of us, hopefully we will always be given health and success

As for this special Friday, I will again try to share some photos of some of the mushrooms that I found some time ago when I visited several gardens in my area where usually there are lots of weathered and decayed logs in the gardens. in these few days the weather conditions were rainy and very humid, my mushroom search today was not disappointed I found five types of mushrooms that thrived there

the first thing I found was a mushroom growing on one of the rotten coconut tree trunks. I passed the coconut tree and saw that there was growing one type of mushroom in two different parts of the place. This mushroom costs every afternoon it will bloom and tomorrow it will wither. It belongs to the species of mushrooms Coprinopsis



accidentally, when I tried to move some of the barriers from the mushroom, the umbrella finally broke




for the second mushroom, I happened to see them growing on a pile of dried ox dung, I have even seen some of these mushrooms grow in the same place, this mushroom is included in the mushroom species Panaeolus



some other mushrooms I found with mushrooms that usually can live long term they have a hard and rough skin that makes them last that long I found several types of them




My mushroom above is a species of mushroom Trametes pubescens, other mushrooms as follows



because of the long life of this mushroom until it is mossy and still intact with rough skin


two other hard shell mushrooms as follows



those are some of the mushrooms that I can share on Friday's edition full of mushrooms this time, I hope you all like some of the mushroom shots that I share.

CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia
CategoryMacro photography

Cool mushroom.. Is this one edible? I want to cook mushroom or sago mushroom. Where can I get it?

thank you very much, yes of course these mushrooms are edible just like the mushrooms that grow on rice straw, the taste is so good, if you want I can send you some of those mushrooms

you find some species that are very beautiful and have their own uniqueness with a variety of very beautiful colors.

Yes, you are right, everything has a different beauty and is very beautiful to enjoy

Very entertaining with several types of mushrooms that you share.

Thank's brothers

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