The beauty of Gymnopilus Purpuratus for FungiFriday

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Good afternoon all mushroom hobbyist friends wherever friends are, today can be said mushroom day for those of us who have activities and our daily routines have jobs and lives that we have to live according to the schedule we have set, people will definitely fill the time, be it with family, friends and some who spend their weekends by channeling their hobbies, this I experienced in myself. During weekends I spend a lot of time in nature, to enjoy the beauty of nature and look for unique things that I can capture in my gallery.

In exploring nature in the Geureudong Pase area, I captured several types of mushrooms that I found while exploring the riverbanks which were still very beautiful and not many people visited, mushrooms that have their own uniqueness and beauty in my opinion. The mushrooms that I found I post on this #FungiFriday house as my contribution to this community. The mushrooms can be seen in this entry.

The mushrooms below are included in the Gymnopilus Purpuratus mushroom family, mushrooms that have extraordinary beauty, this combination of dark purple and red hearts I found living on a single log that was starting to rot and fresh plus the weather in my area that often it rained and looked at the rotting wood.














Both of these mushrooms have their own beauty and charm, so they are widely captured by mushroom hobbyists, starting from the shape and color.





The mushrooms above are the results of my shots using the Vivo X70 Pro Smartphone camera and additional Macro Lens for Smartphones, Thanks to @ewkaw for providing a container that is a home for mushroom hobbyists in this #FungiFriday community. Hopefully this mushroom house will get bigger and more attractive to friends from every country, Regards.


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It's very interesting the color that is also the shape of the mushroom that you share on this occasion and of course I like it. Thanks for sharing the good stuff on this occasion.

thank you bro

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Thank you so much @ewkaw and @qurator for the support😍

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