Fungifriday : edible jelly mushroom

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Hello friends hive all especially to Friends who joined this community
On this occasion I will share content about this yellow mushroom is very beautiful.
In the rainy season as it is today I often see mushrooms that grow on wood lying on the ground or dead wood, like this mushroom I found in this mushroom precisely on the wood made for a small bridge.
This mushroom no one has taken and I have never seen anyone who eats this mushroom. Sometimes it can be stepped on by people who cross the bridge.






I'm also looking for information about this fungus According to Wikipedia
This mushroom is caused by jelly mushrooms and can be eaten.

cumn so much I can give and this is the event of #fungifriday
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That's all I can share more and less I apologize sometimes there are words that are not polite.

LocationLhoksukon Aceh-Indonesia
Camera MakerRealme
Camera ModelREALME 2 Pro
Take timeJanuari 2021
ISO/Fauto F/1.794.71mm
Flash ModeNo Flash

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Like little spring flowers :)

Happy #FungiFriday!

Yes @ewkaw
At first glance, it looks like a flower.😄