Fungi Friday - Two unique mushrooms [Pezizaceae & Xylaria hypoxylon]

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Good afternoon, how are you mushroom friends and have a nice day wherever you are, this Friday I prepared two very unique and elegant types of mushrooms for me to show to all mushroom lovers in the #FungiFriday Community hosted by @ewkaw today.

As usual, last Thursday afternoon I returned to the cocoa farm to look for mushrooms and I didn't forget to bring my smartphone camera and macro lens to be able to take pictures of mushroom objects in the cocoa garden area, and at that time I was exploring this cocoa garden and hoping to get the mushrooms I wanted growing in this cocoa plantation area.

And when I got there it was not in vain because I got two very unique and beautiful mushroom species that grow around a dead cacao tree, and I immediately approached them to take a close look at the two mushroom species in different places but in this cocoa plantation area.

And at that time I immediately took several angles of pictures of these two species of mushrooms known by other names namely Pezizaceae and Xylaria hypoxylon which look very unique and beautiful because they have a very elegant characteristic shape.

And my mushroom lover friends you can see them below, some pictures of the mushrooms that I found yesterday afternoon at the cocoa farm and I hope you like them and enjoy them.

The Pezizaceae (commonly referred to as cup fungi) are a family of fungi in the Ascomycota which produce mushrooms that tend to grow in the shape of a "cup".....Wikipedia







And below, mushroom lover friends can see some portraits of hairy mushrooms that I have edited the background in black and it looks very attractive and beautiful because mushrooms have very unique character shapes.





Xylaria hypoxylon is a species of fungus in the family Xylariaceae.....Wikipedia

Xylaria hypoxylon






LocationAceh, Indonesia

Wow, these mushrooms are truly unique and beautiful! The Pezizaceae mushrooms have a very elegant cup shape. The pictures you've taken of these mushrooms are excellent, the macro lens really captures all the details and it's great that you took several angles. Amazing post!

!discovery 40

thank you so much glad to hear that you love this fluffy cup shape mushroom and I really appreciate it.

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Wow :) the planet earth is truly amazing :)
Nice pics, btw , what model smartphone You used ?

thank you very much, I use the Vivo X50 Pro model smartphone and thank you for stopping by..

How are you dear friend @ridor5301 good morning
What peculiar and beautiful mushrooms, I love their shapes and colors
I appreciate that you let us know the information and the beautiful images
have a great day

thank you very much sir for stopping by my blog and moreover you like the two types of mushrooms that I show today.

i love the mushroom and the photos of the mushroom that is shaped like a cup I love photographing them, they are of the genus Cookaina, I love their name hehe

Nice photos, regards 😊

thank you very much:)