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Hello everyone have a nice day and in good condition today, and can't believe Friday has arrived again, and today I will prepare some beautiful mushrooms to be displayed in the #FungiFriday Community organized by @ewkaw today.

Yesterday afternoon I saw very bright clouds and at that time I went back around my friend's palm oil plantation And in this garden area I found two beautiful and unique mushrooms, and at that time I immediately looked closely at these two mushrooms in different places and you can see it below.


The first is the Ramaria mushroom, this is a very beautiful mushroom because it has a unique and strange shape, usually they will grow on dead areca and palm trees and at that time I immediately looked closely and took some photo portraits of the mushrooms known as Ramaria name.

The genus Ramaria comprises approximately 200 species of coral fungi.....Wikipedia








The second is a mushroom that is bright brown and has fine hairs that are on the body of this mushroom and looks very attractive and and usually they will grow in the rainy season, and this mushroom is known as Polyporus arcularius and you can see it below some portraits mushrooms that took yesterday.

Polyporus arcularius is a species of fungus in the genus Polyporus.[1] It is also known as the spring polypore or the scientific name Lentinus arcularius.....Wikipedia







CameraVivo x50 pro
LensMacro lens
LocationNorth Aceh, Indonesia

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very beautiful what you share On this occasion and of course that is a good thing about the mushrooms

thank you very much and i really appreciate that you like the mushrooms showing today...

How are you dear friend @ridor5301
I love the two varieties of mushrooms you have found this week, the first one is really beautiful
Excellent images, I appreciate you letting us know

thank you so much it's great to hear that you liked the two mushrooms that I featured this Friday and I really appreciate it....🥰

beautiful shot bro @ridor5301

thanks very much...

The mushrooms you share are very good have very good fiber.

Yes, mushrooms usually grow on dead trees and thank you very much for stopping by...

Beautiful pictures 😍😻

thank you so much bro for dropping by...🥰