Fungi Friday - Pezizaceae mushrooms are very beautiful and unique today

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Hi everyone how are you I hope you have a nice day this Friday I found a species of hairy mushroom that looks very unique and some portraits of this mushroom I want to share in the #FungiFriday Community hosted by @ewkaw today and hopefully this mushroom is better than before.

This morning I went around several gardens to look for mushrooms and at that time I had not found any mushrooms considering that it had not rained in our area for several days so mushrooms were very rare, and it so happened that at that time I entered a cocoa garden to look for and get hairy mushrooms known by another name, namely Pezizaceae.

I saw the body of this hairy mushroom with its family on a dead cocoa tree and at that time I immediately took my smartphone camera and macro lens in my bag to take several portraits of this Pezizaceae type mushroom, and at that time I immediately took several portraits of this hairy mushroom which looks very pretty and graceful.







This mushroom has a shape like a bowl with a bright red color that looks very beautiful and attractive, moreover the mushroom has fine hairs around its body and looks very unique and strange, and at that time I only found this hairy mushroom and did not find any other types of mushrooms and after that's me straight home.

The Pezizaceae (commonly referred to as cup fungi) are a family of fungi in the Ascomycota which produce mushrooms that tend to grow in the shape of a "cup".....Wikipedia







LocationAceh, Indonesia

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you are very lucky to get some hairy mushrooms like that so beautifully, i really love those mushrooms hope i can get them back soon

you will find it soon and thank you very much for stopping by:)

a unique mushroom has interesting fur

thanks a lot brother..

The mushroom has a very attractive color.

yes they have very beautiful color shapes, and thank you for liking them.