Fungi Friday - 3 very beautiful unique mushrooms in the forest today

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Hi how are you all, this Friday I'm back again preparing some beautiful and unique mushrooms for display at the #FungiFriday Community hosted by @ewkaw today.

This Friday I went back around the small forest in the next village and there I again got three kinds of mushrooms which are very beautiful and unique, because each mushroom has its own characteristics starting from its shape and color because mushrooms have a very interesting charm.

After I found three mushrooms in different areas and took some pictures of these mushrooms that look very beautiful and perfect, and you can see below are some of the three kinds of mushrooms that I found this Friday.


The first is a pink mushroom that grows around a dead pine tree and I at that time I immediately approached it and took some portraits of this pink mushroom, but I don't know about the name and type of this mushroom because I haven't found this type of mushroom on google lenses.





The second is the Oudemansiella mucida mushroom which grows around dead pine trees Usually they grow in the rainy season, because they will die in the summer because of this and don't last long.

Oudemansiella mucida, commonly known as porcelain fungus, is a basidiomycete fungus of the family Physalacriaceae and native to Europe.....Wikipedia






The last one is the Arcyria mushroom which is the most unique and interesting because it is so small that it grows around weathered wood and looks very unique and beautiful, and I was taking some shots of this mushroom.

Arcyria is a genus of Amoebozoa in the family Arcyriaceae.[2][3] It includes the species Arcyria ferruginea....Wikipedia




LocationAceh, Indonesia

the Pink mushroom looks like a beautiful clam shell that I used to pick on the seashore.😊

thank you very much..

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The mushrooms you share are very beautiful and of course I like them too, I've also seen mushrooms like that several times.

thank you very much brother I got some mushrooms in the forest..

I love all the varieties of mushroom you have found dear friend @ridor5301 although I must admit that my favorite is the pink mushroom
excellent photographs

thank you, that's a mushroom I got on a pine tree and I found this pink mushroom several times..

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