Fungi Friday - 2 beautiful and elegant mushroom species [Lentinus & Polyporus alveolaris]

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Hi mushroom lovers how are you, have a nice day wherever you are, and this Friday I prepared two beautiful mushrooms that I found two days ago for display at the #FungiFriday Community hosted by @ewkaw today.

Last Wednesday I was back looking for mushrooms in the oil palm plantation area and there I again found two very interesting and unique mushroom species, and these two mushrooms are known by other names, namely Lentinus and Polyporus alveolaris.

And I found these two species of mushrooms in several dead oil palm trees and they thrived very well with their families, and my mushroom lover friends can see them below, some of the mushroom portraits I found two days ago and I hope you like them.


The first is a type of fungus Polyporus alveolaris which looks to have a body shape that is almost like a fan and has a very unique looking pore shape and has a very attractive looking color shape, and I found it in some dead oil palm trees which grew very fertile.






Polyporus alveolaris, commonly known as the hexagonal-pored polypore,[3] is a species of fungus in the genus Polyporus. It causes a white rot of dead hardwoods.....Wikipedia

And below are some portraits of the Polyporus alveolaris mushroom which I have edited the background with black and looks very beautiful and elegant and I hope you like it.




The second is a type of Lentinus mushroom that grows around dead oil palm trees and they grow with their families and have a bright white color and look very beautiful and elegant.

Lentinus is a genus of fungi in the family Polyporaceae. The genus is widely distributed, with many species found in subtropical regions.....Wikipedia





LocationAceh, Indonesia

how are you dear friend @ridor5301 good day
I love these two varieties of mushrooms, I appreciate your time in looking for the information about them and sharing with us.
beautiful photographs

thank you very much sir for visiting and liking some of the mushroom portraits that I posted this Friday and I really appreciate it:)

From the mushroom shots that best friends give very good. We can also see that the types of mushrooms have a very cool beauty.

yes, each mushroom has its own characteristics and thank you very much for liking this mushroom and happy fungiFriday

Yes, friends. You're welcome