A bunch of nipples

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Playing with little fingernails, loneliness is part of the life they used to live, dwelling in silence by itself, only green and white shadows accompany them every dark day and night, sometimes taken for necessities, sometimes left alone until they leave scars and his bump.

This post as a Fungifriday nomination was highlighted by @ewkaw then walked for a while peeking at mushrooms from cracks and wood debris, re-entering the small forest room, finding lots of mushrooms strewn.


Sometimes we find strange things, but that's what is cooler, namely eye decoration, the spread of mushrooms is like a smoldering fire that covers the sides of a wooden surface, I think that's more interesting than having to hide in a dark place, green moss growing on the ground floor, wood debris makes mushrooms grow.


It turns out that some of the things that get the most, the spicy chirping of birds feels more pleasant when I sit for a moment near the discovery of a small nail, but I don't get bored of it. :)


The shadow of the ceiling illuminates under the trees, the sun is not so hot, the atmosphere is very supportive for the mushroom passengers this week, I think it's good enough to collect more mushrooms photos.




Feels lonely, only brilliant that I feel if I linger in this state, this fungus resembles a concrete nail, standing on the ground scattered on the floor, a layer of closed leaves, damp makes the mushrooms move and grow.


Thank you for walking with me in such a short time!!


Yaya bereh,gaskan dia