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Haha I bet your sister had more fun than you on that one :)

And this will be stuck to you for a loooong time :D


P.S. For drawings and art always add a source of inspiration, unless it is fully your idea.

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Your little sister did a great job. I especially loved those small mushrooms around your name :))

And your cats, haha, they are cute 😇

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How cute meow meow 💛
Happy #caturday :))

Of course, I like cats, all the animals, but cats have a special corner in my heart :)

I am happy for your sister. Greetings to her and thanks for showing her my video 😇

Very tender the drawing made by your sister and documented by you, it looks very similar to the original design that was the inspiration for her.

!discovery 20

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Very creative @mirz 😊🍄 it’s beautiful.

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You are welcome 😊

Hayeeuu that...

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Kerennnn liiii 🤤🤗