On a branch of wood I found a beautiful mushroom

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This is my contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw


Hello my friends in the fungifriday community, it feels like this is a pretty tiring Friday for myself. I don't know when the dry season will stop and it will rain again. It's been two weeks since the rain hasn't fallen. I'm sad I can't get many types of mushrooms which is beautiful for me to capture, but I try my best for the edition every week to be able to capture the extraordinary momentum for all of us...

I found the two types of mushrooms that I will present on different branches of wood yesterday afternoon, the weather is quite hot, maybe I will have difficulty taking beautiful pictures for amazing objects, hopefully it will rain soon and mushrooms will develop and grow anywhere...

mushrooms gerigit










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Hello dear friend @macro1997 good day
I hope that the rains finally come, so that the mushrooms develop well there, even so, you have found two beautiful varieties. Great shots, congratulations

thanks @jlufer yesterday it was raining pretty hard, it makes me happy to be able to shoot some beautiful pictures of mushrooms

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Thanks @ewkaw