FungiFriday | back to the forest with rare mushrooms

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Hey all brothers #FungiFriday, best wishes to all of us, this is my entry on this occasion...

This is my contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

In the last month around where I live in rural areas, especially the weather is not good, the rain that always falls makes me unable to carry out normal activities outside, I only monitor some interesting objects in the yard or around it, especially me focus on looking at the damp soil and the fragile branches of the wood because there will definitely be a lot of mold growing.

As usual I prepared a macro lens and my cellphone camera to shoot some mushrooms that I would find, Before it rained again I had to hurry faster to go to one of the small forests behind my grandmother's house, Of course when I arrived there I found several types of mushrooms that I have displayed a few weeks ago, this does not interest me because these mushrooms have been shown before, I continue to search and find one type of mushroom that is fairly rare

I'm having trouble finding this type of mushroom on the internet, there it says that this mushroom only grows in one of the Asian countries, namely Indonesia, is this a rare mushroom???

I think this includes mushrooms that are difficult to find, on the sidelines of the next I found a type of small mushroom also this mushroom is known as pine cone mushroom, this includes natural mushrooms that are so beautiful with characteristics such as cones

That's all for today, I will return to the forest next time when the weather starts to improve to get lots of amazing types of mushrooms...

Best Regard

CameraReno6 5G + Macro Lens
EditingSnapseed + Lightroom

It's my first time to see the first mushroom. I haven't seen anything of that color yet. Cool shots!

thanks @leeart i also took it for the first time

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Thanks support @brumest and @qurator 🥰🍄

You really are capable of sharing good mushrooms and that's a good thing this week I've seen,Bek pegah Sabe Hana icok

Mushrooms that have a red color are very unique and rare, because this is the first time I have seen them. All pictures of Mushrooms that you show this time are very beautiful to look at. 😁👍

Thanks you @theycallmewell

your shot is very beautiful, makes my eyeballs interested and fun

@mrwilsha thanks

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