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Hello, Hive lovers, wherever you are, I would like to say hello to my mushroom lover friends for a challenge once a week in the fungifriday contest, of course today I am very enthusiastic about giving an amazing mushroom edition, I have prepared colorful mushrooms in two variations, one of which is one the mushrooms are black and there are also white mushrooms.

What's amazing for me today, one of them is a black fungus that grows in one of the forests where there is an old type of bamboo plant, there the bamboo leaves fall to the ground and become waste, at the roots of a large bamboo tree There is one type of mushroom that is quite amazing, namely the Lingzhi mushroom.

This Lingzhi mushroom is quite famous in the area where I live because it is often seen in some damp places or on one of the leaves or tree trunks that are already damp and brittle. A few moments later I again found a type of small white fungus growing on one of the branches. brittle wood, This wood branch is a waste of a type of cocoa plant where the twigs that fall to the ground have rotted.

my contributions to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

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