FungiFriday - Dancing on wet dry cocoa leaves

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Grows on dry leaves. This if I'm not mistaken is a mushroom Crinipellis, is a genus of fungus in the family Marasmiaceae.

Cocoa leaves that fall from trees that are wet from rain and hot sun become dry and slightly wet, in the bones of these leaves this is where this brown fungus thrives.

Some photos of these beautiful mushrooms I sent as my contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw.






And the last two mushroom photos that I show there are a few problems in searching for names on Google, I've deleted the original photos that have not been edited with black appearance, so their names are not detected.

For friends who may know about this mushroom, I would be very happy if you tell me in the comments column.



CameraOppo Reno6 + Macro Lens
CategoryMushrooms Photography
LocationAceh, Indonesia

very beautiful mushrooms, friends, best wishes for success always friends

Thank you @muntaharaceh :)

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