FungiFriday: Mushroom Daedalea Quercina

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Friday is the day we've been looking forward to because it's such a lovely day.
This Friday I will share some photos of the Daedalea quercina mushroom, but we usually call it the "kulat bak kaye," because it grows attached to dead wood, but out there it is more commonly known as oak mazegill. Mushrooms with the Latin name Daedalea quercina have large pores that form like holes with blunt corners.

The fungus Daedalea quercina can be easily found, it spreads in Asia, Europe, Australia, even to Africa, it usually grows on dead trees with a fan-like shape and is brown in color.
The Daedalea quercina mushroom or oak mazegill is an inedible mushroom but it is useful as a natural comb and has been the subject of chemical research.

It is found in Europe, Asia, Northern Africa and Australasia. Though inedible, it can be used as a natural comb and has been the subject of chemical research. Wikipedia

Here are some photos of the Daedalea quercina mushroom that I shot a few days ago as my entry for #FungiFriday initiated by @ewkaw.










Flash usedNo
Focal length4 mm
Exposure time1/39 s
LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh
Taken byNailul Munar (@bantamuda)

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Awesome texture on them! :)

Happy #fungifriday
@tipu curate

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Awesome texture on them! :)

Thank you, @ewkaw 😀

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