FungiFriday: I've been waiting for you for so long, and I finally found this season's mushroom

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Pycnoporus sanguineus is a white rot saprobic fungus. It was discovered on Guana Island (part of the Virgin Islands) but occurs throughout the tropics and subtropics, usually growing on dead hardwoods. It grows in the form of a thin dry conk with a lateral attachment to its substrate or sometimes a very short stipe. The cap is orange-red to orange, lightening to salmon/buff in age, with concentric zonation and finely tomentose to nearly glabrous. The pores on the underside are round, measuring 5-6 per mm with tubes up to 2mm deep. It is inedible due to its tough texture

It's been a long time since the dry season, the fungus has not been seen, now this mushroom which is orange, or dead wood fungus I found on dead wood, I found it in one of my villages, namely the Aceh area, which thrives, coincidentally in my area it has been a long time it's not raining anymore, now it's raining again to wet the earth, and mushrooms can be seen growing lined up on trees with bright colors, I took several portraits with my cellphone with various different angles.
Here are some sightings of wood mushrooms, which thrive in my place.








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