FungiFriday: two rock-like mushrooms and a trumpet mushroom

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Hello hive friends. How are you today, hope you are fine.
Without realizing it, we meet again on this blessed Friday.

On this occasion I would like to donate two different types of mushrooms in the same place.
I want to tell you a little about the discovery of this mushroom in one of the forests in the Aceh region of Indonesia, I found this mushroom a few weeks ago and I have saved it in my cellphone gallery, but on this Friday I want to share a photo of this mushroom.
Honestly, I myself have never seen this mushroom, with a unique shape and thrives on tree branches.
Friends can see it in my post below.






I found this red and coral-shaped mushroom in the forest, and it grows on tree branches.
At that time I was with my friend @naisfreedom
I was exploring the forest looking for mushrooms, my friend and I also took some photos towards this coral-like red mushroom







This type of mushroom, I found in the same place, the shape and size of this mushroom is very unique and small, I took several photos and had to use additional tools or lenses to get a better picture

This is my contribution to the #FungiFriday challenge created by @ewkaw

This is all I can share this Friday, hopefully next Friday we can share again with new mushrooms
Greetings from me #asklanbudi🙏


Bereh that komandan, mantap 👍
Semoga beumeuhase..

Ok bg

The red one is beautiful!

Thank you @ewkaw for the visit.
i like red too :)

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