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Hello everyone,
Friday was long-awaited. It's time to get mushrooms that continue to find the beauty of nature and this is my contribution to #FungiFriday. This challenge is hosted by @ewkaw.

Fungi have different habitats. This fungus lives in the soil and clings to rotten branches. Different types of mushrooms can thrive in an acidic environment. But this fungus is the dominant fungus species in wetlands.

It still rains a lot in our region, so mushrooms grow very well. Some mushrooms are beneficial to humans, but require proper preparation to avoid poisoning. Many mushrooms grow in nature, some of which are symbiotic.

Fungi normally feed on other living organisms and provide benefits to associated symbiotic organisms. Not only in human life, which is mutually beneficial but also in mushrooms, they behave the same way.






Flash usedNo
Focal length4.60 mm
Exposure time1/50 s
Aperture2,0 f

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So nice how they grew on that little piece of wood. The second image is really nice :)

That's right brother, Maybe the fungus gets its nutrition from a piece of rotten wood. underneath there is also a very soft moss.

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Really nice close ups, good job !

Thank you so much Brother @orlandumike . How are you?

I'm fine thanks