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This is my contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

The rainy season wets dead logs, palm fronds and other places that have the potential to grow mushrooms. And a few days ago when I went to the garden I found mushrooms growing on the roots of durian plants. Some of the roots of the old durian tree are even overgrown with moss, where brown mushrooms also grow, whose photo I have attached below.







Then, in a pile of palm fronds, some of which are already stagnant with water, there is a red fairy cup mushroom (Sarcoscypha coccinea), which is partially dirty with mud. Finally I was interested in picking some of the mushrooms and then I moved them to another place and of course it would be easier for me to take pictures of them.





And the last mushroom is a mushroom that I found growing on a large log that had been cut down. It is the Panus Neostrigosus mushroom, a fungus that when young is trumpet-shaped and has fine hairs. Then interestingly this was the first time I saw this mushroom grow big and it turned out that when it was in full bloom this mushroom could hold quite a lot of water. :) Some sources also mention that this mushroom can also be eaten, but it's best to eat it when the mushroom is still young.




CameraRealme 3 + Macro Lens
CategoryFungi Photography
LocationTanah Luas, Indonesia

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Thanks, sir Alexa.

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I always admire the mushrooms that you find where you live, they are always striking and beautiful
I appreciate you introducing us to these beautiful mushrooms.
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But what beautiful photos 😱! I was fascinated by the depth, contrast and composition in each one. Thank you for sharing this series. Greetings, @alexa-macro 🙌!

Thank you for enjoying some of my mushroom uploads @vezo

Hello @alexa-macro

Your mushroom pictures are striking!

Very good detail with your macro lens!



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You found some amazing looking mushrooms for this fungi Friday! The red ones are my all time favourites 😍🎄💙