FungiFriday - Red and Yellow (A love & hope)

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This is my contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

Maybe everyone in this world agrees that red and yellow are both beautiful colors and have their own philosophy. Red symbolizes strength, courage and love. While the yellow color is a symbol of hope and prosperity as well as joy.

And in today's issue of #FungiFriday, Friday, 19 May 2023, I am back to share my red and yellow mushroom findings. The two colors are so beautiful and are often associated with their respective color philosophies. But even so, I agree that all mushrooms be they yellow, red, white, brown and so on are still attractive without anyone being superior to one another.

It's just that sometimes some mushrooms seem special because in addition to their beautiful colors, they are also rare. From my experience when hunting for white mushrooms, they are quite easy to find, while red ones are a bit rare. While the yellow color is not too easy and hard to find. In terms of easy and difficult it also depends on the species of mushroom itself. Like white mushrooms which I said are easy to find, this is because there are many types of mushrooms with white color than other colors.

As for the red mushroom that I am sharing today, it seems that it is part of the Hygrocybe coccinea mushroom from the Hygrophoraceae family. I found this mushroom growing on the ground on the sidelines of small moss which also grows in the area where this mushroom grows. Because the location where it grows is a little difficult for me to take photos, so I picked up this mushroom using the tip of a machete that I always carry with me when hunting for mushrooms in the forest.







Then there is the yellow fungus that I found growing on the sidelines of the mangosteen leaves, and indeed this fungus grows under a shady mangosteen tree and there are lots of mangosteen leaves that have started to rot which has the potential for fungus to grow there. This beautiful mushroom with a yellow color itself is the Bolbitius titubans mushroom, or also known as "Yellow fieldcap".




CameraRealme 3 Pro + Macro Lens
CategoryFungi Photography
LocationTanah Luas, Indonesia

The red mushroom is extraordinarily beautiful, aka one-of-a-kind.

What a beautiful shot. Send regards for success.

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