FungiFriday - Gill mushroom & Galerina marginata

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This is my contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

Today is Friday the 26th of May 2023. As on the previous Friday, today all mushroom hunters and lovers will share their findings in this beloved community. Likewise with me, I have also prepared two types of mushrooms for today's edition of #FungiFriday.

I found two types of mushrooms that I share in different locations. The first mushroom is a mushroom that has beautiful gills, and I found this mushroom growing in an oil palm plantation area, growing under an oil palm tree or to be precise between the roots of the oil palm plant fibers.

Unfortunately there are no results that are very suitable when I match this mushroom with the help of a google lens. Meanwhile, the results that are close to this mushroom are mushrooms from the Mycenaceae family. And I think this mushroom is similar or maybe part of the Mycena pura mushroom.









And in a different location I found a mushroom that is no less beautiful than the mushroom above, that is the Galerina marginata mushroom. This mushroom grows on the edge of the ditch, as shown in the photo below if the mushroom does not grow upright but grows obliquely.




CameraRealme 3 Pro + Macro Lens
CategoryFungi Photography
LocationTanah Luas, Indonesia

Me encanta estas fotografías, que impresionante y bendecida es la naturaleza..

Hello @alexa-macro.
Can you please do us a favor and remove the monomad tag from this post, for obvious reasons? 🙂

Of course. I apologize for the error. I wanted to select the "macro" tag. Uh instead I unknowingly chose "monomad" which of course has no relevance to my post. Once again I apologize

a really rosy red and I'm impressed with what you showed on this occasion and feel happy to see it

I'm also happy if the mushrooms I share can spoil other people's eyes :)

Wow, the texture and color are cool😍🤝

Thank you :)

You are welcome :)


what a shot, the mushroom texture is so clear and the beauty is enhanced by the bokeh behind it

Thanks for the compliment buddy.. :)

How are you dear friend @alexa-macro good morning
You live in an incredible area to look for mushrooms, you always find very nice varieties. Beautiful photographs, I like the sharpness and quality of the image
have a beautiful weekend

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