FungiFriday - Beautiful mushrooms that grow naturally

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This is my contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

We meet again on this happy Friday, I hope that all of our mushroom hunters and lovers are in good health and that all work matters continue. And as usual, in today's issue of #FungiFriday I also want to share some beautiful mushrooms that I got some time ago. It's just that this time I'm a little confused about identifying the type of mushroom that I share even though I have repeatedly tried to match search results using Google Lens but still no matching results come out. Even so I will still share the beautiful mushroom that I don't know the name of here. She is too beautiful for me to leave :) Here are some photos:









CameraVivo V2040 + Macro Lens
CategoryFungi Photography
LocationTanah Luas, Indonesia

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