FungiFriday - Beautiful and rare red mushroom

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This is my contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

How are you hunters and mushroom lovers today? I hope we are all always in good health and smooth all work matters.

I've been trying to find edible mushrooms for the past few days but I haven't been able to find them. I even thought of going to the market to buy mushrooms and then cook them with noodles. Because the weather was cloudy this afternoon and I was a little busy, I finally didn't go to the market to buy mushrooms.

Then in today's issue of #FungiFriday I choose to share one type of mushroom that I just discovered a few days ago. And this mushroom I have never found before.

As for the mushroom I mean Gliophorus irrigatus. Yeah, that's the right result after I tried several times to ask for help from Google Lens.

The texture of this mushroom is very soft even when I lift it some of the stems of this mushroom are broken. Luckily I found this mushroom growing several stems in that location so I managed to lift it so that it would be easier for me to take pictures.

And below I have uploaded some photos of mushrooms that I mean, of course, in the hope that all of you can be interested and like it.










CameraVivo V20 + Macro Lens
CategoryFungi Photography
LocationTanah Luas, Indonesia

Oh wow, what a beautiful wee mushroom that is! It's amazing! Your photos are gorgeous!

Thank you @ifarmgirl

You're welcome, cheers and have an awesome day and weekend as well

dark background gives higher beauty

Hitam dan merah kombinasi bagus.


Brang antik sabee😅

Atra metume bak kupileh boh sawet duroh haha

Hello dear friend @alexa-macro good afternoon We are always pleasantly surprised, you find very beautiful mushrooms
Excellent shots. Congratulations

Hi @jlufer
Good night..

Thank you for your greetings and compliments.

Oh, what a cute find! And it's so tiny.