In the dim light, orange glows

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Here are a few macro pics I submitted for the 28th week of #FungiFriday initiated by @ewkaw.


Rhizomarasmius pyrrhocephalus is also known as the hairy long-stem Marasmius. I found it in a local forest close to my town.


There are some synonyms (scientific names) for the fungus that are identified with it, including Marasmius pyrrhocephalus, Marasmius longipes, and Marasmius elongatifes.


If you find these mushrooms in low light, you won't need a flashlight because the orange caps and gills naturally emit a brilliant light, even in dimly lit places.





All of the images here are my own work, taken with Xiaomi POCO NFC smartphone and an assembled external macro lens.
Happy #FungiFriday! 😉


If there was some kind of "smallest mushrooms" topic, they would be tough competitors ;)

@tipu curate 3

Really? Thank you @ewkaw. 😁

So, hold a contest on that topic for the next #FungiFriday; it will be a lot of fun! Also, many thanks for the Tip-U gift. 🙂

Beautiful shots!
The vignette works perfectly here. Keep up the good work 👏🏾

Thank you. 😀

how are you dear friend @akukamaruzzaman good afternoon
What a beautiful mushroom.
Excellent shots, I appreciate you letting us know
enjoy the weekend

Hello @jlufer, I'm fine. I also wish you to be well. I appreciate the kind words you left. Have a nice day.🙂

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