FungiFriday: "Those are gecko eggs!" my buddy yelled 😆

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I'm so excited to see you guys on the 35th #FungiFriday, which is being hosted by @ewkaw, and I have some mushroom photos to share this time.

At a local forest in North Aceh, we had a humorous experience when we noticed the fairy inkcap mushrooms growing thickly, clustering together, and jostling one another.


My friend yelled with wide eyes, "look at that, Man! Do you not believe those to be gecko eggs? That's a lot, and I would take them home and cook them with bitter beans if I could eat them."


LOL! I started giggling at that very moment. Check your eyes once again, buddy! "Can't you see that those are mushrooms and not gecko eggs?!" I still couldn't help but giggle. 🤣


He then moved in closer, getting close enough to realize that what he was seeing was actually fairy inkcap mushrooms rather than gecko eggs.



When he first saw that, I assumed it was natural and believed those to be gecko eggs because, from a distance of a few meters, they do resemble that.


In fact, the highland zone we drove through was noted for its moist forest and numerous, enormously tall trees. The fairy inkcap mushrooms grew closely together behind the openings in the tree roots, and even though it was a hot day, the mushrooms' woody roots kept them somewhat shaded from the sun.


The fairy inkcap or Coprinellus disseminatus is an endemic fungus that is widely found in the forest environment. I had previously found the same mushroom there multiple times, so it wasn't a coincidence.





Have a wonderful #FungiFriday!

All of the images here are my own work, taken with Xiaomi POCO NFC smartphone and an assembled external macro lens.


Haha your friend must have been so disappointed :p
These are very pretty mushrooms by the way. The fairy names really suits them.

LOL! Due to the fact that we were on a mushroom walk at the time, I believe it to be the other way around. 😄

Yup, isn't that how people refer to this mushroom?

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