FungiFriday | Pinwheel mushrooms at Durian Orchard

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The sky that afternoon was slightly overcast when we walked along the footpath in the hilly area of Buloh Blang Ara village a few days ago. It was the mushroom walk we had planned beforehand.

We entered a durian orchard owned by a local resident after asking permission from the owner on the grounds that we wanted to look for some mushrooms to take photos there.

Under the towering durian trees, litter or fallen leaves and thick, dry wooden twigs seem to form a mat above the ground, so that when you walk on it, it is as if you are stepping on a pile of soft hay.



On that stretch of plant litter, pinwheel mushrooms (Marasmius capillaris) live by forming small clusters. They are like weed flowers that bloom beautifully. The slender, horsehair-thin stem of the mushroom was even strong enough to support a yellow parachute cap.




Just a moment I was stunned and muttered to myself, they are too beautiful, even more beautiful than roses. But I'm not sure if I gave my wife the mushrooms instead of the roses she would think it was a madness thing.





I submitted this post for the #FungiFriday hosted by @ewkaw.

All of the images here are my own work, taken with Xiaomi POCO NFC smartphone and an assembled external macro lens.


Steems are sooooo thin, almost invisible! 😮

On the last photo they look like floating balloons 🎈 better pick some flowers for your wife, do not risk your life. :D

Thanks. The latter is very wise advice. Yes i do. LOL!

They seem surreal... so delicate, beautiful!!:)

Thanks 🙂

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Thank you so much @ackhoo and @qurator 🙂

Oh wow! These are the cutest little mushrooms! I love them 💙