FungiFriday: My cousin's mushroom farming hut

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Hello everyone!

#FungiFriday has brought mushroom enthusiasts back here, and I know you have lots of interesting mushrooms to share.

Today, instead of sharing macro photos of mushrooms as I most often do here, I'd like to invite you to a hut in my village where mushroom cultivation is taking place.

Actually, this moment occurred around the end of January 2022, but I only recently noticed these photos on my laptop's storage drive. Yes, I remember visiting my parents in Pidie Jaya at the time.

My mother suddenly asked me what I was doing while I was scavenging the bushes in my yard. I notified her that I was on the lookout for mushrooms. And then my mother said, "Why to bother looking for mushrooms when you can get a lot of them at Bona's mushroom cultivation hut?" Bona is my distant cousin from my mother's side.

Hut for mushroom cultivation! I think it's a really interesting thing, and it's something I've wanted to see for a long time. I went there on foot right away because it wasn't far from our house.


When I arrived at Bona's house, I noticed three women and a middle-aged man packing mushrooms in small boxes. Bona, my cousin, is one of the three women, and the man is Bona's father.




After exchanging pleasantries for a while, I mentioned to Bona that I was interested in seeing her mushroom cultivation location. However, I must wait approximately 15 minutes for them to finish packing the mushrooms.



After everything had been settled, I was invited to a small hut about 50 meters away from Bona's house. That is where Bona and her husband began their mushroom cultivation business, which has been in operation for the past two years.

They bring their mushroom harvest to the local traditional market. They earn IDR 1,000,000 per harvest and can harvest mushrooms every day until they are completely gone within a week.




But I didn't arrive at the right time. The intention of wanting to know how many mushrooms were clustered in the hut wasn't really conveyed. That's because Bona just harvested them, and I'll have to come back the next day if I want to see them in large quantities. I really wanted to, but because I had to return to my town that afternoon, I had to settle for only seeing a few leftover mushrooms that hadn't been picked.



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All of the images here are my own work, taken with Xiaomi POCO NFC smartphone


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That's fascinating to see how they are cultivating the mushrooms.

Thanks, Sir. I greatly appreciate your taking the time to read my post.

That's the Straw mushrooms?
They look so cool in the hut! What happens after the week. They will not grow from the same place anymore?

I also some other tiny mushrooms as an extra :)

That's right, they are straw mushrooms. Mushroom spawns normally only produce ready-to-harvest mushrooms for a week; after that, the mushrooms diminish, and you have to sow new spawns. It does not use straw as a growing medium, but rather palm oil bunch dregs. Thank you so much for reading my post, @ewkaw 🙂

Ohh! I thought they would somehow regrow so you can pick them from the same medium for a long time.
Thanks :)

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Thank you so much @brumest and the @qurator Team 🙂