FungiFriday: All Roads Lead To Mushroom Paradise

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Happy Mushroom Friday! Today I'm back with some mushroom catches that I'll be submitting to the #FungiFriday, hosted by @ewkaw.

About 4 days ago, I was told by a friend that in a warehouse that was used as a dumping ground for his palm oil waste, there was a lot of fungus growing. He was kind enough to invite me there, and of course, I gladly accepted the invitation.

The warehouse is not far from my parents' house; it only takes about 15 minutes away on foot. When I got there, I immediately couldn't wait to enter the warehouse. Well, there are a lot of harefoot mushrooms (Coprinopsis lagopus) growing there. But the atmosphere in the warehouse is quite dark, and there are no lights. There is only a little sunlight coming in from the cracks of the vent.

This situation makes me a little frustrated because my phone camera certainly can't catch mushrooms with maximum exposure. But I still take pictures even though the lighting is low. Because at that time, I was reminded of the phrase, "All roads lead to Rome." With the help of Lightroom's magical power, I can definitely "conjure" the mushrooms to look beautiful. Here are the results:













CameraXiaomi Poco X3 NFC Smartphone
LensExternal macro lens
CategoryMushroom photography
ProcessedMobile Lightroom
LocationPidie Jaya, Sumatra, Indonesia

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I almost asked where the light came from towards the mushroom with so much delight to the eye when looking at it, but you yourself have already told the answer. You are indeed a professional macro wizard :)

I think you are praising me too much. It's just a little trick to make them turn on. 😄 Anyway, thanks for the compliment, buddy.

These are some amazing shots! I really like the edits which provide that mysterious atmosphere. Excellent work!😍👍🍄

I really like the edits which provide that mysterious atmosphere.

Yeah, I see that, and I only realized it after seeing your comment. Thanks for the compliment.

Oh yeah, I saw your photos too, and they were amazing. Surely I have to learn a lot from you.🙂

Thanks for the kind words! I think we can all learn from each other in this community. Everyone has a different approach or style. That’s what makes it so interesting! 😀👍

Wow! Shot in the moonlight. That's how they look like.
Love the edit :D

Haha..conjuring day into night in the moonlight. That's how the magic of lightroom editing tools works. 😁

Thanks for the compliment, @ewkaw. 😀

Oh the magic Lightroom! I cant get myself to start using it. I am so used to basic photoshop editing...

Wow, this is real conjuring here!! How cool photo edition, love it!!

Haha.. Thank you @mipiano 😄

You are welcome, photo magician :))

Stunning work my friend, your magic works on us all!


Thanks for the compliment, buddy. 🙂

You do beautiful "conjuring"... 😄👍👍👍

Thank you @ackhoo 😁

You do beautiful "conjuring"... 😄👍👍👍

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That certainly look magical to me. Excellent light and atmosphere. Great work! 😍👏👏

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Wow, it's also cool to be called a magician.. Haha 😂. It seems that you should take me hunting with you because I see that all of your mushrooms are really cool. 😍

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