"Fluted Bird's Nest" Was Found Near the Jim Jiem River

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This is my contribution to #FungiFriday, which is now in its 21st week.

These photos were taken yesterday afternoon while I was walking through the forest near the Jim Jiem river in Bandar Baru, Pidie Jaya district, Aceh.





Look at what's inside; it's a rare fungus that mimics a bird's nest. It is Cyathus striatus, a species of fungus belonging to the family Nidulariaceae. That fungus is funnel-shaped, with the sides scaly, and you can see on the surface there is a place to keep the "eggs" or "seeds", but it's actually the peridioles that contain the spores.



People call this the "fluted bird's nest" fungus because of its shape, which resembles a bird's nest. The bird's nest mushroom is almost never seen among the many mushroom spots I've found, and I've only found them twice. Normally, they occur in large clusters, but I only got a few there.







I'm hoping to get more species on my next mushroom walk, but first I need to get in shape and be in a good mood, of course!

Happy #FungiFriday! 😉
CameraXiaomi Poco X3 NFC Smartphone
LensExternal macro lens
CategoryMushroom Photography
ProcessedMobile Lightroom
LocationPidie Jaya, Aceh, Indonesia

Mameh that aju gamba 😁😁

Mameh karena lightroom khekhekhe 😁

Hana meuoh setelan Lom,payah ta merno sang dile bak Droe neuh

This bird's nest is really beautiful

Thanks @biancamaura

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Nice pictures.
Thanks for sharing.


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@akukamaruzzaman, are these fungi from another dimension?! Man, they are very strange looking, and somehow beautifully disturbing...
Great work! <3

Thank you. Yes, the shape is strange. However, the fungus exists and is most likely common in Southeast Asia.

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Thank you so much @bhdc 🙂

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Wow really cool, where did you find this mushroom?

I'm sure you didn't read it all the way through because I already noted where the mushroom was taken. 🤣

Sadly, no mushrooms like this can be found in the mushroom spots we frequently visit.

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