Encountered the 'Jellyfish' Mushroom And an Unmanned Sausage Stall in the Forest

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This is my entry for #FungiFriday week 34, hosted by @ewkaw.


When I noticed this mushroom in a forest, it was almost dusk. I nearly thought it to be animal feces because of how dark the environment was due to the dense tree cover. But as soon as I got close enough, I realized it was some kind of mushroom.


I identified it as Galiella rufa, also known as the hairy rubber cup, a species of fungus in the Sarcosomataceae family.


The fruit's body feels rubbery to the touch, and the hairy skin. The surface of the mushroom has a smooth, featherless crater that is orange-pale.


I sliced the mushroom open with a little pointed piece of wood right away since I was curious to see how the inside looked. It was similarly slimy and wet to viewing a jellyfish. I learned that this mushroom is edible from a Wikipedia article, but I have never tasted it.




Is that a fungus, or is it a sausage stabbed with a stick? The mushrooms look like that. Yes, exactly like sausage. The mushroom's common name is the carnival sweet slime mold (Arcyria denudata).



When flicked or even blown, the mushroom has a cottony texture and is dusty. I washed my hands as well as I could when I got my hands on it because it appeared to be quite toxic.

Have a wonderful #FungiFriday!

All of the images here are my own work, taken with Xiaomi POCO NFC smartphone and an assembled external macro lens.


Really interesing fungi and great photos. The first one reminds me of a sea anemone when it is closed up. The second, well, its hard to get the sausage on a stick comparison out of my head once you put it out there 😂

Aha the first one is very strange reminds me of a cactus fruit.

Hahaha! Cacti have never been split by me. I frequently cut mollusks and, of course, consume them. 😄

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Defending our natural habitat.🙏👍