Fungi Friday : I Need Friends In This Life

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Good afternoon friends of the #FungiFriday community, I hope all my friends here are in good health always.

As social beings, humans certainly cannot live alone in this world, of course we will need friends or other people in our lives. There are many reasons why we need other people in this life, one example is when we are sick. So of course we need someone to help and help take us to the hospital for treatment. And so is this mushroom that I found in a friend's yard, I saw the mushroom as if it was sad. When I approached and approached him, it immediately looked as if this mushroom was smiling with joy (like blooming). How not, this mushroom grows alone in the middle of a fairly large green lawn in the yard of my friend's house.




I don't know the name or exactly what family this mushroom belongs to, so I tried to google it and I saw this mushroom belongs to the moon mushroom family or genus.







This is Mushroom of the Moon or also known as the West Supa Mushroom or Suung Bulan (Gymnopus SP) is a mushroom with a white cap (umbrella), the surface is slippery and slightly sticky, 5 – 10 cm in size with soft bladed underside and convex grooved edges. When it was small, it was shaped like a button with a short stalk measuring ± 1 cm. Volva not clearly attached to the ground while the stalk is attached to the central part. This mushroom is quite popular with the community. When mature, this mushroom is edible, it is delicious and tender but is not widely used by the locals.

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LocationLhokseumawe - Indonesia
Object PhotosMushroom
Camera UsedRedmi Note 7
ISO Speed160
Flash ModeNo Flash

I just saw this mushroom today is it edible?

Yes of course this mushroom can be eaten my friend. This mushroom is quite popular with the community. When mature, this mushroom is edible, it is delicious and tender but is not widely used by the locals. This fungus is often found in the area of ​​​​South Sumatra

oh I see .. thank you very much for your kind feedback.

You're welcome my friend..

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You're welcome @abizahid

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Keren abizahid

Alhamdulilah, makasih Baron 👍😁

Very beautiful mushrooms to see on this day

Very happy to read your comments, thank you for visiting my blog bro