FungiFriday: Split Gill Mushroom (Schizophyllum commune)

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It's Friday again. Yep! Fungifriday is on the way, and this time I am delighted to share some photos of little mushrooms that I found right after the rain. I think this typical mushroom is included in split gill (Schizophyllum commune ), a mushroom species that are commonly found throughout the tropical area. It belongs to the family Schizophyllaceae, in the order Agaricales. I happened to nice them growing on the wet log and I was straightly fascinated by their appearance which made me grab my gear to shoot a couple of pictures and these are going to be my third weekly #FungiFriday challenge that is initiated by @ewkaw.









Thank You

CameraNikon D7000
LensAF Nikkor 50mm, 1.8 f


Biasa aja keles😆

It's so pretty it looks like a clam clinging to it.


And you caught cute centipede there too :D

It likes to be exposed too :D.

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

I found these exact same ones on the side of a wooden cable wheel once.... Very small, but equally beautiful! :)

Yeah, this typical mushroom resides on the wooden stuff. Having small size took me sometime to deal with the focus. Thank @ackhoo for dropping by

Salam, pu haba bang.

Gron bang😂