FungiFriday | Fan-Jelly Mushroom (Dacryopinax spathularia)

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For the third-week challenge of Fungifriday, I would like to come up with Fan-Shaped Jelly Fungus. Little mushroom that I found growing on a rotten log. Yep! As the rainy season comes, the air is heavy with humidity and the odor of mold and mud, and the plants are as lush and green as they'll get. In short, this is a good time to look for fungi. After being told there was a mushroom on the hillside, we managed to go up here. In fact, I needed some time to look for this little mushroom that eventually grew on a rotten log in between the wild grasses. It is best known as Fan-Jelly Fungus, with a rubbery texture and lack of gills, it's clearly a type of jelly fungus Dacryopinax spathularia. The following fan-shaped jelly fungus is another weekly challenge to #FungiFriday that is initiated by @ewkaw







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I always liked their bright colour. So cool!
Love the third image :)

Many thanks @ewkaw for rating my work.

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