Fungi Friday: Fringed Sawgill

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It's great to have this community. So, As my first post as well as my contribution to #Fungifriday that is initiated by @ewkaw, I would like to share some pictures of mushrooms that I found growing on the rotten wood near the paddy field which is called fringed sawgill, a common mushroom that is used to be seen in a low spot in the ground on the edge of a neighborhood close to a forest. These typical mushrooms are edible but never seen people come to pick them up.







CameraNikon D7000
LensTamron Tele-Macro 70-300

I have that lens too. I don't remember if I tried to shoot mushrooms with it.
It is not bad creating bokeh effect too :)

@tipu curate

Great. U have to use it sometimes. Thanks

I will.. I keep forgetting to take it with me. It's a cool lens.

They look like having a soft, velvet touch :)

Indeed @mipiano. Thank you