Adjustable Laptop Stand


Adjustable Laptop Stand $20 Hive crypto accepted as payment

Why Adjustable Laptop Stand ?
Bring the Adjustable Laptop Stand along with you everywhere, you will be benefitted from its ergonomic design and comfort.
You can pick 1 from the 6 available heights to view the laptop in the best angle and to improve your posture. It is able to carry loads up to 88.18lb. Fold it and pack it in your laptop bag to always stay in the comfortable alignment.

Foldable to Carry:

Take you 1 second to open & close the stand that saves your time and bag space
6 Eye Levels:

Elevate your notebook from 2.15¡± to 6¡± height for a perfect eye level, total 6 height choices, fixing your posture and reducing back pain, neck stiffness and wrist aches
Secure Placement:

Triangular support that holds up to 88.18lb of weight and allow for a secure hold on of a laptop
For 100% Safety:

Offer great ventilation and more airflow to cool your laptop and equipped

Color: Pink, Silver, Gray
Size: 10x 1.5¡Á0.3 inches

Made in China

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