An Easy Way to Travel Back in Time

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Time travel has been a fascinating activity, and currently still in its science fiction stage, it seems extremely difficult and impossible, not to mention how things easily goes wrong when one travels back in time. For most science fiction movies, if you go back in time, you are simply messing up the future, and most times, time travel proponents, will simply recommend that time travel, especially backwards travel, is ideal, though most of them believe it is possible with the right technology.

While they are busy developing the needed technology to facilitate time travel and help humans maybe, correct some aspects of our history, a young boy roaming the streets of the Hive blockchain with @zestimony as his username cracked the code. Smiles!

Yes, you can actually travel back in time, and you just need transport, and that is about $450 dollars from Nigeria, and you can simply travel by air, road, or sea, and not through some highly scientific contraption that atomizes you and reforms you back in your preferred time preference. So, how do you do it?

Ethiopia is Celebrating their New Year

Just about 72 hours ago (September 11), a country on earth had their new year celebration when most others in the world are just in the ninth month of the year. How possible was that?

Ethiopia is an African country known as the country in which the coffee bean was first cultivated, noted for its rock-hewn churches and its athletes who have won gold medals. Popular for having the highest number of cattle on the African continent and being the leading producer of honey and coffee on the continent. And do you know that Ethiopia was the only African country that was not colonized? Interesting, right?

Among all that Ethiopia is known for is its calendar. Instead of the normal Gregorian calendar used by most parts of the world, the official calendar in Ethiopia is the Ethiopian calendar, which is also called the Ge'ez calendar. In Ethiopia, it serves as both the country's civil calendar and its religious calendar (in Ethiopia and Eritrea). The Ethiopian calendar is a solar calendar that always adds a leap day every four years.

The Ethiopian calendar also has a thirteenth month with five or six extra days. The first day of the Ethiopian calendar year, called "1 Maskaram," usually falls on September 11 between the years 1900 and 2099. (Gregorian). When there isn't a Gregorian leap year, though, it happens on September 12 of that year.

In Ethiopia, it is not difficult to keep tabs on the passage of time. The first 12 months of the year each have 30 days, while the 13th month, which is the final month of the year, can have either five or six days, which depends on if it is a leap year or not. Additionally, time is measured in a variety of ways. Because the day begins at 06:00 and is divided into two sections of 12 hours each, the time that is considered to be six o'clock in Ethiopia can be either midday or midnight. Therefore, if someone is supposed to meet you in Addis Ababa at ten o'clock in the morning for a cup of coffee, you shouldn't be startled if they show up at four o'clock in the afternoon (our time).

Moreover, because of the special way Ethiopia operates, they have everything specially tuned for them, including a special calendar, as we all know, and a special clock, as expected. See the Tweet below:

The Implications of This

The long and short of the whole story is that, Ethiopia is in 2015, while we are all cruising in the future in 2022. So, if you wish to go back in time, why not simply travel to Ethiopia and find yourself in the year 2015?

I wonder how it will be for kids in Ethiopia. Up to this age, I still remember the rhyme for days of the month and months of the year: "30 days hath September, April, June and November, all the rest are 31 except February."

How do we develop a rhyme for Ethiopia? Maybe, children won't need a special rhyme to master the months of the year and their day-counts.

Travelling back in time by visiting Ethiopia may not afford you the opportunity to change a lot of things, but it will also afford you the opportunity to go back 7 years behind (literal year count), and maybe flex your time travel by chatting with your friends in the future.

Before I close of, it is interesting to note that you will be a lot older than anyone your age in Ethiopia, if you were born with Afework or Addisu (which are popular Ethiopian names), in Addis Ababa, and a week later your parents traveled out of Ethiopia with you to some other country, you automatically become 7 years older than Afework or Addisu. Hmm, what a time travel!


Awesome!! So this is a thing, there was a day I spoke to someone in Iraq and the person was almost two days ahead of us here in Nigeria and I was really surprised but this is even more overwhelming. Indeed God is great, who can fathom all his wondrous deeds?

Lol. For the Iraq situation. That could be attributed easily to the movement of the earth. The normal time differences across different time zones.

But the Ethiopian situation, it is more of a human design than it is of a natural phenomena. Calendar is a human invention. Though, God have designed normal time processes into the earth to regulate seasons and things like that.

But calendar in itself is a human invention, though the product of brilliant minds. No body can easily get it right. But the fact is this, when something becomes popular as the Gregorian calendar, people just go for the popular and widely used choice for ease of communication and collaboration. There must be a lot of logic and reasoning behind the Ethiopian calendar.

Thanks for stopping by still my stylist

Impressive!! I see you have done a lot of studies on these things or did it come naturally?

Thank you so much for this exposure, the thing is everything was man made, the days, weeks, and months, God gave them them the wisdom to do all of it.

Exactly so! That's what makes man unique from all other animals. We have the ability to create things with our superb thinking abilities and intellect.

Yes, that's right and it's that idea that is giving some the thought of wanting to be like God, too bad.

Lol. All human attempts to be Godlike over history have always failed. Hitler for example wanted to live for a thousand years, build a religion around his name and make people bow to him, but he couldn't survive a 100 years even.

That's how powerful God is and he hates it when his creation wants to be like him, he will always give you the chance to attempt but you will never succeed.

a young boy roaming the streets of the Hive blockchain with @zestimony as his username cracked the code.

When I read this, I was like "Okay, let's hear it" but then I saw "Ethiopia" and was like "Ahhhh of course 😂"

I've always know about the Ethiopian calender but what's news to me is the upside down clock... A lot of things will probably be confusing to people visiting the country for the first time.

It's really a strange land. Will need a lot of adaptation!

I learn something new today in your article. I learned that is the only country that has never been colonized and has its own calendar!

Thanks a lot! I'm happy I contributed to your knowledge!

Yay! 🤗
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Wow, Ethiopia. I have heard of the country, but this is the first time I am hearing about Ethiopian calendar, very fascinating. Their 2015 to our 2022, a gap of seven years, unbelievable. Thank you for a sharing this, I learnt something new today.

Thanks a lot mate. I'm happy I've contributed to your knowledge.