Health and Safety. 0.1% frequency is too much!

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In health and safety, it is just unacceptable that something has a 0.1% chance of happening! To the ordinary layman, or even technical specialist, my arrival on site elicits groans and curses. To the individual, a 1% chance of happening seems inconsequential.

To ME, a 0.001% chance of something happening is alarming! Which is ironic, since I play board games with dice.

Let's focus on 0.1%, this means 1 in 1000. However, in HIRA (Risk Assessment), you need to multiply something over frequency.

If I have 30 staff members who work around 260 days a year, and there is a 0.1% of that thing happening, then this incident will happen:

7.8 times a year!

Because you have repeated the action 7800 times!

And that something is cutting yourself with a grinder, this would be completely unacceptable!

So we look at this grinder guard below all rusty...

And of course, because the guard is faulty and the disc is touching the guard, the guard was removed so the technician can continue using the grinder.

Thus I confiscate it! I put the grinder into quarantine!

Very soon, the technician and management will come up with a solution that the technician would not even have reported and if they did, would not be acted upon swiftly. But take his grinder away and its a few days and its sorted!

New guard.

This is a Hilti AG125-A22 Cordless Grinder btw.

Take off the locking discs and depress this button...

And the guard clicks in. It can now be adjusted.

When someone uses a guard, this reduces the frequency of injury. Other controls include:
Being trained in grinder use.
Using both hands when cutting/grinding.
Making sure the object being cut is supported and will not bite the blade.
Safety Glasses
Face Shield is working with the grinder for more than 10mins.

There are a few more but these are the most effective and universal!

That is MY take on the safety aspect. Even though others do not see it when they have their hands on the tools, I see it as impending doom!

I hope this was an informative and fun read!


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Good post ! Have you looked at Six Sigma at all ? Most businesses get to about 3 or 4 sigma, usually thought of in terms of defects per million, with values at 66807 for 3 sigma and 6210 for 4 sigma. NASA and one or two other very rare companies use six sigma for their key processes, which is 3.4 defects per million, or a 99.9997% conformance rate. I've even heard there are companies which are aiming for 7 sigma, although I haven't heard of any that have actually achieved it.

Six Sigma is mostly used for business process improvement (and too often becomes a dangerous tool to try for cost savings or just for box-ticking), but I wouldn't be surprised if the methodology is used in Health & Safety as well. Used correctly, it's a great process !

Indeed! That is very interesting!

Man, as soon as you mentioned how often 1% chance can happen I was taken back to my time gambling dusty tokens on hive-roller... 1% can hit a lot.

For sure!

If it really came down to it, if I offered you 100 pieces of candy that were indistinguishable and told you, you may have one but 1 in 100 of them will kill you instantly, would you try one of the candies randomly?

Its only 1 out of 100. But it IS there and it WILL kill you.

Most people realize then that 1 in 100 is a lot!

I see you do D&D? I am getting back into Warhammer now, but we got a starter set.

@lex-zaiya does D&D and.... stuff... I shall let her explain!

Don't get me started on stats. Hated it at varsity and I still hate it today.

Yeah! I do a lot of TTRPG stuff. I haven't gotten into the physical WH40k stuff but I love the videogames and books. A buddy of mine does a lot of Warhammer though. Most of my HIVE focus is around worldbuilding for TTRPG games, and playing solo tabletop games that themselves kind of inevitably feed into my worldbuilding.

Nice. I like to write fantasy fiction. I am a bit of a world builder myself... it's gotten a bit crazy, but I like it. Lol

Grinder is a tool which makes most accidents.

But some people say that without grinder you shouldn't start thinking about doing anything in your workshop.

An extremely useful tool. But equally dangerous.

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