Is the Vaccine a God?

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I created the picture above in 2018 for a post about fake news. I think it would work for a post about vaccines. This is the SVG version . You can use the picture as a stock image just so long as you link to the page.

You know, this picture might qualify as a #meme . It is a newspaper that injects people with a daily dose of fake news.

Now For the Post

Once again I am penning my HIVE post after midnight. This post will ask two questions which arise from the first lines of the Ten Commandments.

1 Which is better at curbing superstition: Monotheism or Atheism?

2 Is The Vaccine a god?

The opening line of The Ten Commandments is: I am The Lord your God. Do not hold other gods before me.

The Bible repeatedly states that people should not hold anything as a god before The True God.

People have limited minds are physically incapable of understanding The True God. Anyone who truly holds this Commandment to heart would be wary about anything held up as a god.

Of course history is full of Monotheists who've convinced themselves that they know God and end up doing terrible things to others based on their narcissistic beliefs.

IMHO: Believing one's own concept of God actually is God is the greatest of all narcissistic conceits.

Unfortunately, very few people think through the belief system of their society.

Atheism hold that there is no god. People living in devout atheist societies have a tendency to raise other ideas in the role of God.

It is common for radical thinkers to raise the state, money, fame, a political party or corporation into the position of a god. These thinkers then start forming superstitions around these new entities. Atheists tend to raise ideologies that end with ISM in the place of god with the intelligentsia as the god's prophet

Is the Vaccine a God?

For the last year, people cowered around the world with a firm belief that a vaccine would come and deliver us through COVID19 through a miraculous manifestation called "herd immunity."

The vaccine came. Herd immunity didn't and there has been a spike in COVID19 cases that rivals the spikes of 2020.

Vaccine believers vilify anti-vaxxers as infidels who must be driven from society. Some are calling for legislation that would turn the Lock Down into a Lock Out because anti-vaxxers are the cause of the third wave of COVID19 cases.

Throughout the pandemic, I've heard pundits on TV pounding the term "science." I doubt that many of the pundits actually engaged in science or even read the findings of science.

Is Science a God?

Since I brought up the term #science, I guess I should ask the next big question. Do people hold up Science as a god.

It seems to me that when a person tosses a spurious appeal to science without actually engaging in a scientific argument; that that person is holding science as a god.

I strongly resist holding science as a god because I think that building a belief system around science undermines science.


I personally find the commandment "Do not hold up false gods before the True God" to be quite useful. This statement prevents me from letting any idea or institution from taking too deep a hold on me.

There is a paradoxical aspect to the commandment. Since my mind is limited and unable to comprehend the mind of God, then any concept that any concept I form in my mind about God is probably a false god.

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The vaccine is a not God, it is just a tool to help you not die from a disease like many other such tools that exist whether they be antibiotics, other vaccines, or something else. Some go so far as to believe that you should not receive any kind of medical treatment and that it should all be left in God's hands. I tend to believe that God gave us brains and expects us to use them, both individually and collectively.

Herd immunity typically requires 80-90% actual immunity. Given how contagious COVID is, I expect it is on the high side of that. Hard to get to herd immunity with so many people NOT getting vaccinated plus additional mutations. To reach herd immunity with a rapidly mutating virus, you have to get there fast or you don't get there. If there had been no lock downs, mask mandates, vaccines, etc. It is quite likely we would have reached herd immunity already. However, the cost of that would be more death form COVID itself and more death from overrun hospitals (which typically don't have a lot of extra capacity in the best of times).

I do not advocate forced vaccinations but believing vaccination is useful and helpful is not the same as believing it is God.

Likewise, science is just a tool. It just happens to be the best tool we currently have to determine what is true...not in a philosophical or religious sense but in a physical sense. It can't answer every question. It is simply a systematic method to collect and analyze data. Science is not God and science is not perfect. However, there is nothing better than science to determine whether, for example, a vaccine is safe and effective.