When the sci-fi turns into reality

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The science-fiction movies always contained such things or technologies, which did not existed at the age of the making of the given film. But many of these became a reality later, and some of these things are really unbelievable. I chosed some of these to feature them in this post.

Smartphone - Star Trek (1966)

The original Star Trek was introduced in 1966. No one thought that at that time that how amazing success will this universe be, and that even after 60 years later, there are still new and new episodes, movies.

Its successful is because of its good ideas. Among other things, it also predicted the smartphones.


The movie features a device called Tricoder. Okay, their touchscreen prediction was not accurate, but it was still a good prediction. In that time probably not many people thought that such a device will turn into reality just a few decades later.

Virtual reality - Tron (1982)

Many movies played with the thought what would be like a world controlled by computers, and of course it also appeared relative early in the sci-fi literature, for example written by Philip K. Dick. But the Tron from 1982 predicted the best what the virtual reality be like.


Videochat - 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

This is one of the most famous, best rated sci-fis. In addition to the good acting and story, it is full of good, futuristic ideas, which they placed completely organicly in the movie. Such thing for example is the video chat, which appeared in the story as a completely good working communication method.


The movie was made in 1968, and this thing works as it became reality as a function of Skype and similar programs in the early 2000s. The camera is built into the computer, the people practically speaking with the screen. Amazing!

Hoverboard - Back to the Future 2 (1989)

The Back to the Future from 1989 is full of gags, unbelievable, almost parodic things. The most iconic from these is the flying hoverboard. Even those people heard about it, who have not saw the movie so far.


It was unimaginable for a long time to make it a reality, but in 2014 the ice broke. A startup in California made a prototype, which was really able to transport a person at low altitude, slowly, but in the air for a short time. After this shortly, Lexus also made a working prototype.


In 2019, a French company made a prototype, which can reach 100 km/h. Okay, these things today are very expensive, and they are working not axactly as in the movie, but they are exists, this is the main point.

Self-driving cars

Nowadays many big companies, practically every car manufacturer are trying to make a self-driving car. The completely self-driving car is still does not exist, but there are more or less working self-driving cars.

In the Total Recall movie from 1990, they made a very interesting self-driving car conception. Different from the conceptions of nowadays. A robot drives the car. It has humor (very sarcastic), and sometimes it is whistle a part from the Norvegian hymn.


We probably cannot expect this from the self-driving cars of the 21st century, or at least it looks like so far, but then who knows what the future holds.

You can find the traditional self-driving car conception in the Knight Rider TV series from 1982. And probably even in earlier TV shows and in movies.

If you know a good movie or TV series related to any sci-fi thing, which became reality later, feel free to mention it in the comments.

Thank you for reading!


Star Trek communicators were basically radios. They had radio in the sixties. Tron turned the human into a program and all programs were anthropomorphic characters.

Star Trek communicators were basically radios.

If we see it that way, then that is not really a sci-fi, because radios already existed in that time.

Tron turned the human into a program and all programs were anthropomorphic characters.

Rather "digitalized". At least Flynn. I see that more of a symbolic thing.

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Yes, this happened hundreds of years ago, too, in Jules Verne’s accounts of the submarine and other inventions that were subsequently invented.
In fact, everything is a fantasy at the beginning

Yes, that is true. Thank you for taking the time to read the post, and to comment under it.
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