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RE: Does Our Happiness Really Depend On Our Genes? (pob-wotw)

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The income & environment is much more than 10%, if you live under the minimum wage and/or in a bad environment. These things can greatly contribute (boost) your unhappiness.

I speak from personal experience.

Greetings from Hungary.


And what importance do you think the factor of environment and material provision has for happiness?
Greetings from Ukraine)

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A clear and clean environment can make you happier, while the opposite of it can make you (more) unhappy or even (more) depressed. For example seeing a collapsed roof every day, which I do, as soon as I step out of the door, is something that I would rather not see. The roof of the neighborhood house is collapsed I do not even know when. Many houses are abandoned in this village.

Speaking about the environment, the weather and the climate can also do the same (make you happy/unhappy, or depressed), or even worse.