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RE: Decentralising Health & Food! Why Real Christmas Spirit Means Treating Food As Medicine & Farmers Like Doctors... Stick With Me Here :)

I totally agree eating organic is not enough we need minerals too which have been filtered out of the mainstream diet. I say this having had to cancel my plans as I have lurgy; just seasonal flu I think. But with my partner seeing elderly and immune weak relatives am staying away from all the same. I need to look into better minerals to take. Thanks for the prompt


Ahoy! Haven't seen you around in a while! Do locate Zinc, Vit D., Niacin (B3), & Vit C. - plus fulvic minerals if feeling fruity! Wishing you a swift return to health.

Yes went off for a bit of reflection time and am back now. Went too far down the rabbit hole and kinda blew my mind.

Umm got Vit D and C but yes need to get Zinc. Am going to buy a full supply of Vits. I use Natures Best, any company you'd recommend?

Thanks for your good wishes appreciated. Feeling rough but I'll be right, just annoyed can't visit my partner. Will see her in a few days though. Xmas is another commercial festival to me so not fussed about that. Good to be back 👌🏽

If you have the cash then Cytoplan are a high quality and clean brand, but for the most part these are fairly easy to obtain and standard supplements. I have Ancient Purity Fulvic Minerals which seem to be good. :)

Nice don't see too pricey in comparison. Ancient Purity Fulvic look good both Vegan too 👌🏽. I will make a purchase thanks 👍🏽