Anti-vaxx Protest at the Hospitals in Canada misguided

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A protest on mandatory vaccines outside of hospitals in several cities across Canada is not what it seems. Many of those in attendance would have you believe that they are there to support the rights of Health Care workers. That could not be further from the truth.

Kelowna General Hospital Nurses stand outside the hospital with Locked arms, opposing a group who protested COVID-19 health measure outside of the hospital on Sept. 1 (Capital News -

‘You have no idea what goes on within these walls. You don’t see us’

A nurse sent a heartfelt letter to Captial News letting those protestors know how appreciative she was of their "freedom rally"

To the 1,000 or so protesting outside Kelowna General Hospital on Wednesday — we see you.

How could we not? The screaming, yelling, honking. It’s hard to miss.

You were seeking more attention, and you got it. Congratulations. You live in a free society, and you got noticed. We saw you.

To the people yelling, swearing, and fingering hospital staff on the skywalk — we see you.

To the people shouting at staff that we were ‘part of the problem’ — we see you.

To the four vehicles circling the block repeatedly honking your horns to make it seem like there were more supportive vehicles than there actually were — we see you.

To the people blocking the sidewalks and roads impeding patients/staff/visitors from getting to the hospital — we see you.

I came out of my nursing shift in the ICU for five minutes and linked arms with my colleagues while turning our collective backs to you. But I saw other things too.

To the 361,000 other Okanagan residents who weren’t there — we see you too.

To the mystery donor(s) who funded lunch for many of the hospital staff through the KGH auxiliary — we see you too.

To the unit who sent a card and gift to the ICU staff on Wednesday — we see you too.

To the anonymous donor of coffee to the ICU night shift — we see you too.

To the many kind words shared in person and online —we see you too.

To the local businesses struggling through COVID who are once again cutting their bottom line to extend offers to health care workers — we see you too.

In a career of ICU nursing, I have seen SARS, H1N1, Ebola, and many more. COVID has been a game-changer. Our ICU is completely full and overflowing with COVID patients. Many of them continue to die.

You have no idea what goes on within these walls. You don’t see us.

I’m not debating the merits of why you were protesting. Choosing to protest at your hospital because of a government policy you don’t like is a soldier bombing the Red Cross because they’re upset at their military leaders — completely misdirected, thoughtless, and attention-seeking behaviour.

But guess what. We all set our alarm clocks to get up the next morning and come into work and do it again. You didn’t hurt us. You didn’t break us. You didn’t change us. You just demonstrated to the community who you are and what you’re made of, as unflattering as that is. Thanks for making that crystal clear. Don’t worry. We see you.

Anonymous ICU nurse

Kelowna, B.C.

WOW, that kindof says it all - big middle finger to you.

A recent post(@drutter) of a first-hand account shows how myopic these anti-vaxxers are. They claim they are in support of nurses and that staff walked out to protest and join them... Didn't see one doctor or nurse join the protest. And actually, the direct opposite, we saw nurses and doctors locking arms opposing the protest.

Ya, not really. Nurses are not walking off the job because of mandatory vaccination. They are walking off the job because there is no end in sight, they are exhausted.

People are not against being vaccinated, you are, and you are in the minority on community consensus and science around COVID vaccinations

The mob ruled in Julius Caesar's time.

Protest is a right. Thuggish behaviour is not. It is not acceptable to hurl abuse at and attempt to intimidate essential workers who have been overworked and overstressed for a year and a half.

These people have put their own health, physical and mental, at risk as they scramble to save lives. Yet every day, they show up for another shift.

We support them. The vast majority of people support them. We need to drown out the ignorant mob of those opposed to public health measures.

If you want to hear about the real impact of this shocking display of disrespect have a look at a few of these videos/stories. Sorry, they are not on Bitchute or some other alt-media but there are a multitude of sources responding to the protests.

Even made the NY Times

Didn't see a whole lot of doctors or nurses coming out and saying thanks. Where's all the support?

This is how to do it...

The right to protest is a fundamental freedom but it must be exercised with respect. Frontline healthcare workers must be permitted to conduct their work safely without threat of violence or harm. Vaccination is our best line of defence. We must work together to put communities first and finish the fight against COVID-19.


There is not much gain in people from the people calling each other names and accusing each other of lacking respect. But it does show a conflict that is undeniably there. The fact that there are different views and individual decisions on the issue is a sign that can be seen as positive. Do you think that there would ever be unanimity among all on issues of such a crucial nature? It is quite normal that something like this happens. At no time in human history has there been such a thing as ONE view, ONE nation, ONE solution to the problems one wants to address. This is a reality that is quite easy to understand, isn't it?

But if one demands that it should be the same: Everyone should think, feel, decide exactly the same, you are asking for a utopia or a dystopia, depending on how you look at it.

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Hey, thanks for the comment. Sure I agree, name-calling is not something that gets anyone anywhere... but at some point, as a society and community, we have to congeal and get to societal norms where we all start to follow the unwritten rules, attitudes and behaviours. That's not happening here. These demonstrations should be allowed to happen but there's a place that these demonstrations should occur. In front of hospitals is NOT the place AND under the auspices of supporting the health workers, which is not true. We're all calling it out. These people are tone-deaf. And now, they are planning more protests IN FRONT OF hospitals, again. Take it to the government offices. Unbelievable.

as a society and community, we have to congeal and get to societal norms where we all start to follow the unwritten rules, attitudes and behaviours.

You think such things will succeed? I am not only sceptical about its feasibility (I think it is impossible to impose the same rules on all people), but I find it not very desirable and downright unsuccessful where it has been forced to be imposed at all costs.

In front of hospitals is NOT the place

Why not? It's a good place because the demonstrators are bothering there. That's the nature of a demo, that it should disturb people. Otherwise there would be no point in demonstrating. I am always annoyed when demos cause traffic jams, are held "in the middle of town" but if this would not be the case, I would not notice them, be not disturbed and they would be without an effect.

AND under the auspices of supporting the health workers, which is not true.

While this may be untrue for one part of the workers, those who are alright with the rules, it is true for the others, who disagree with them. Nobody can speak for the whole group of workers and make a homogen crowd out of them. That would be unclean.

Can you agree that this is reality, that people are not like legos or clones, all having the same notions but different ones? Can you further see something positive in it?

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