Win a 100 POB delegation #5

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Every week there will be a contest for the winner to receive a delegation of 100 POB lasting 1 month.

The same user can win more than 1 time.

To participate just create a post using the week's theme through, and then comment on that post the link to your post, so you will receive a number. Every Sunday a new contest will be created and a number will be drawn to define the winner of the previous contest.

The focus of this contest is to encourage people to use their brains and at the same time create original content with themes that encourage this mental exercise.

This week's theme will be: What has changed in your life after meeting cryptocurrencies?

Last week's theme was: What is your creative process for writing posts?

And we had 7 participant, and the number drawn was

Congratulations @thomashnblum

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This initiative is going fantastic. Every week some one is getting 100 #pob, which is termed as distribution of wealth among users. Congryulations to @thomashnblum

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At the beginning I put it as a rule, the delegation lasts a week, but reconsidered and I will not withdraw the delegation for the time being

I think if it lasts longer, it encourages more people to participate

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Yes i can see that. I was amazed to see that in one instance there was only one entry and you still made a delegation to the same user twice. Thats the real success of the challenge you are hosting as it shows your commitment towards the platform and its growth.

Obrigado :D
Sempre bom um prêmio logo pela segunda de manhã!

congrats @thomashnblum . great going !

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Parabéns @thomashnblum

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Já prepara o texto do próximo

I no longer need a bank account to buy things online.

My bank cards serve only as a drawer background decoration. I am using a VISA banner card, which debits directly from my cryptocurrency balance

Bank never again

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AAEE!!! Ta aí um cara que sempre fico feliz de ver, e ainda mais de ve-lo ganhar!!!

Parabéns @thomashnblum!!!

E vamo que vamo!!!

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Quero ver sua participação essa semana de novo, tenho certeza que o tema dessa vez vai dar um grande post pra ti, to curioso pela história que vai vir

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I really love this weeks theme. Making my entry soon...

Congrats to the winner @thomashnblum

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I'll be waiting for your post

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Your contest number is 1

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Your contest number is 2

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Your contest number is 3

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