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RE: Israeli COVID Deaths Are Worse After The Shot Rollouts. Huge Spike in Death Immediately After 3rd Shots. 'Trust The Science'.

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As sad as we should be for those that seek help and get hurt, we should be more angry at those that harm them they fool into coming to them for help. Informed consent is the crux of the Nuremberg Principles. No one who gets these jabs is informed because the media and authorities are incessantly misrepresenting data and alternatig threats and bribes, and therefore their consent is as fraudulent as the propaganda.

In fact today we are faced with the governments of the world cooperating to genocide their populations through fraudulently coercing submission to experimental genetic therapy that is provably more harmful than the supposed problem it is claimed to fix.

There is only one solution to this problem, and it isn't waving placards at passing limousines, staying home, wearing two masks, or submitting to the deadly jabs. Either we will implement the solution, or we will suffer the consequences of failing to do so.



You are welcome. This is all about our own will and not allowing ourselves to be dominated. Trying to launch a war against faceless corporate psychopaths is about as helpful as a 'war on terror'. The truth is that it is our consent to the systems of control which gives them power - we need to withdraw consent en masse and make the systems irrelevant.
First though, enough people need to realise the depth of the problems they face - which means ending denial.

I really would hate it to become a criminal. I come from a family who had to lie and to steal under a restrictive regime (which I don't see as dishonesty and thievery, but survival). So, covering up - pretending to obey - under the current circumstances is wise when you are not in a position where you are a superior on the job in a company which cannot dismiss you that easily. Trojans are needed. Less obvious actions and soft influences are needed, I would count them as much in as the obvious and aggressive ones.